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We are often very busy, so we do recommend that you call first and make an appointment. This helps us to do our work more efficiently, getting your vehicle in working order as fast as we can. However, if you are struck with an unexpected emergency, we will do everything in our power to work you in.

Yes we do. This is money wisely spent! You can learn a lot about a car by having it inspected before you buy it. This way, you can find hidden problems that would otherwise cost you a lot of money later on. While an inspection before purchase does not and cannot guarantee that you will have a trouble-free ownership, it can potentially save you a lot of money.

Yes there is. We have magazines, a TV, coffee, and free Wi-Fi to keep you occupied while you wait.

Both Hertz and Enterprise have nearby car rental locations.

No. We are actually fully qualified to perform scheduled factory maintenance without voiding your warranty.

No. Anyone you choose can do maintenance and repair work on your vehicle. It is actually not legal for dealers or manufacturers to void your warranty because you chose to have somebody else do the work. They can, though, require you to use certain repair facilities for services that they provide for free under your warranty.

However, there are some situations when a repair you need night not be covered by your warranty. As an example, if your mechanic messed up replacing a belt and damaged the engine as a result, your warranty might not cover the needed repairs.

No, you will not. An aftermarket part is just a part that was made by somebody other than the original vehicle manufacturer. This will not void your warranty because it is illegal for companies to do that. The only exception to this is when the manufacturer or dealer requires you to use specific parts that free of charge.

However, if the aftermarket part was defective or installed improperly, and causes damage to another part, your dealer or manufacturer is legally allowed to deny coverage for the part that was damaged by the aftermarket part. To do this, they have to show proof that the aftermarket part was the cause of the problem.