Wheel Bearing Replacement

Diagnosing a worn wheel bearing

The wheel bearing are small but crucial parts that both keep the wheel rolling support the vehicle’s weight. Some can last up to 150,000 miles before needing to be replaced. However, once your vehicle has traveled more than 75,000 miles, the wheel bearings could develop problems at any time. If you notice a grinding, hissing, or whirring noise coming from one of the wheels, don’t delay; get it in for emergency service right away. When a wheel bearing goes, it can easily damage a lot of other parts.

Another sign of a bad wheel bearing is a violent shaking that gets worse the faster you drive. If this happens, do not drive any further! It could be very dangerous to do so.

Wheel Bearing Replacement Costs

When you bring your vehicle in to A.B.S. Auto Service with a bad bearing, our mechanics will check a variety of parts from the tires to the control arms and tie rods to find the problem, and to find out what else may have been damaged. The tests should quickly pinpoint the problem, which the mechanic will then discuss with you.

Wheel Bearing Replacement

Our highly trained mechanics will use heavy duty tools, including an industrial press, to literally pop the bearings out of the wheel hub. The tire, rotor and wheel hub will most likely have to be removed as well, in order to access the bearing. After the hub is removed and placed in the press, it takes only minutes to change out the wheel bearing. The new bearing is then pressed into the hub.

After completing the replacement, the mechanic will give your vehicle a test drive to check that the repair worked well. If everything goes as planned, your vehicle can then be returned to you.