Tune Ups

Engines today are technically very advanced. This is mostly a good thing, but it does make them difficult to troubleshoot. Our expert mechanics at A.B.S. Auto Service use the latest tools for engine diagnostics to catch hidden problems and detect worn out parts. When you bring your vehicle in for an engine service tune up, our mechanics will:

  • Examine the whole engine and all of its components
  • Replace faulty mechanisms, like oxygen sensors and electronic control module components
  • Replace worn out spark plugs and filters
  • Adjust the timing
  • Adjust the clutch (if you have a manual transmission)

Why is a tune up important?

Normal wear and tear will slowly cause your vehicle’s engine components to lose efficiency, because of the vibration of the engine and the high temperatures under the hood. To keep your vehicle performing at peak efficiency, you need it to give regular tune ups. This will make sure that worn out parts are replaced before they can impair performance or damage other components. Regular tune ups will keep your vehicle at optimal fuel efficiency.

When do I need a tune-up?

You should get your engine tuned up once a year. However, if your vehicle develops any of these symptoms, you need to bring it in right away for a tuneup:

  • You get fewer miles per gallon
  • There is a noticeable a decrease in power
  • Your vehicle stalls out at stops
  • The engine is running rough
  • The check engine light stays on after you start the engine
  • When you accelerate or turn the engine off there is an audible pinging or knocking