Steering, Shocks, Struts & Suspension

Why should I take my vehicle in to get my suspension and steering systems serviced?

Your vehicle’s suspension and steering systems provide you and your passengers with maximum comfort and handling. Even normal driving conditions will eventually wear out the shocks, struts, and springs, which will limit your vehicle’s stability, safety, and handling, as well as increasing tire wear. An inspection of these components for signs of damage and wear will help your vehicle perform much better, and reduce future damage. Replace any damaged or worn suspension and steering components as soon as possible.

Please note that replacing suspension and steering components can alter your vehicle’s wheel angles. Because of this we recommend that you get a wheel alignment with this service.

Signs of Steering or Suspension Problems:

If you are in the Upper Arlington, Marble Cliff, Campus, Short North, or Grandview Heights areas, bring your car in for steering and suspension service, and we’ll get it running just like it used to.