Preventive Maintenance Services

Today’s cars and trucks are incredibly dependable and nearly trouble-free, compared to yesterday’s models. However, if you want to keep your car or truck trouble-free, then you need to do routine maintenance. This will keep your repair costs low in the future, and keep your vehicle performing at peak efficiency. This will help it keep its value over the years.

The manufacturer has provided a detailed set of maintenance guidelines in the owner’s manual. Bring your vehicle in for each of the items on that list. Also, you should feel free to talk to a A.B.S. Auto Service specialist about any questions you have concerning these recommendations.

Hoses and Belts

Your vehicle’s engine belts and hoses are made of a rubber that will dry out and develop cracks over time. The vibration of driving can also make them come loose. Although these parts are simple and cheap, a malfunction of any of these parts can have consequences that are both costly and troublesome.

Our highly trained service team can detect potential hose and belt problems with a quick visual inspection. Regular visual inspections, along with the scheduled replacement of these parts in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, are how you protect yourself against expensive emergency repairs further on down the road.


Your headlights must be kept in working order in order to drive safely at night and in low light conditions. If one of your lights isn’t working, then come in for a quick bulb replacement.


If you want to maintain optimum visibility in low visibility conditions caused by rain or ice, then you need to replace your wiper blades once every year. You should also replace them immediately if they start to chatter or streak.

Filters and Fluids

No single piece of maintenance is more important than changing your vehicle’s oil every 3,000 miles. Also, your vehicle’s oil filters should be replaced every time you have your oil changed, and trained technicians should inspect the air filter, battery, water, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and others vital fluids.