Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

It is wise to have a qualified mechanic do an inspection before buying a used car. It could be an expensive mistake to pay thousands of dollars with nothing more than a short test drive and a look under the hood.

Most people don’t know that it is actually pretty easy to get a used car inspection. Many others don’t want to have to pay extra for an inspection. Some people expect it to be difficult to get the dealer or owner to let it go in for an inspection. However, with just a little planning, an inspection can actually be as fast and easy. If the inspection results are good, you can proceed to make the purchase with complete confidence. If not, you have just spared yourself a lot of expense and a major hassle.

Any honest seller will let you bring the car in for a pre-purchase inspection, or at least agree to an on-site mobile inspection.

A good pre-purchase inspection will verify the functionality of the equipment and any options installed on the car. It will estimate the overall condition of the car, and reveal any hidden problems with the engine or body.

Typically, a pre-purchase inspection will look for the following specific items:

  • Frame damage: Frame damage indicates that the vehicle has previously been in an accident. If it has not been repaired properly, the wheels might no longer be aligned, causing the vehicle to pull to one side. This can lead to tire damage as well as driving difficulty.
  • Poorly done repairs: A used car might have been repaired one or more times. If these repairs were not done properly, then other serious problems could start to develop.
  • Flood damage: Am inspection can uncover undisclosed flood damage, which can leave body problems, cause engine trouble, and lead to persistent mildew issues.

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