Oil Change and Oil Filter Change

Oil lubricates a vehicle’s engine, making it run smoothly and increasing its lifespan. Part of proper car maintenance involves regularly changing its oil. The proper frequency for oil changes is something of a point of contention among car experts. On the one hand, the Engine Oil Bible insists that you can’t change your engine’s oil often enough. On the other hand, the Nordic group claims that, because of multi-weight oils and detergent oils, some cars and trucks can go 6,000 miles before they need to get an oil change. It is probably best, however, to look in your owner’s manual and do whatever the manufacturer recommends.

You might think that by changing your own oil, you can save some money, but oil change services often do more than just change the oil. Every car comes with a “check engine oil” light. If this light comes on while you are driving then your car is probably running critically low on oil. You can easily add some more without having to be a mechanic. However, a mechanic will also check the filters, fluids, and other things, so you may find it to be a better deal in the long run to bring it in for professional attention. Additionally, if the check engine oil light stays on after adding more oil, or turns back on shortly after you do, then there is something more seriously wrong than low oil levels. In this case, you need one of the professionally trained mechanics at A.B.S. Auto Service to take a look at it.