Electronic System Repairs

Electrical and Electronic Systems Repair

At A.B.S. Auto Service, our mechanics use the latest diagnostic tools to examine your vehicle’s entire electrical system and figure out the cause of whatever electrical system problems you are having. Our comprehensive electrical system service includes:

Why should I get my vehicle’s electrical system serviced?

Your vehicle has many different electrical components, and they are all needed to keep your vehicle’s electrical system working properly. These include the battery, alternator, starter, distributor cap, and many more. Newer vehicles have very complicated electrical systems, which help to control the brakes, steering, and other systems. This often makes it difficult to figure out the causes of electrical problems. This is why we only use the most modern diagnostic equipment.

You need to have the electrical system inspected immediately if you notice any of the following signs:

  • The engine won’t turn over
  • There is a clicking or grinding noise when your turn the key
  • There is no sound when you turn the key
  • The dashboard lights are only dimly illuminated
  • The headlights dim when you slow down or idle