Check Engine Light

At A.B.S. Auto Service, our certified mechanics use the latest in automotive diagnostic technology to perform comprehensive engine testing. They will download the information stored in your vehicle’s computer to a specialized diagnostic system, which is combined with performance data to find out why your check engine light has turned on. They will talk with you about what they discover, and discuss the recommendations that they have for service or repair work.

Why Does My Vehicle Need Regular Engine Maintenance?

Serious engine problems can start small and go undetected for months or even years at a time. These problems can be nearly impossible for even highly trained and certified mechanics to detect without the assistance of specialized diagnostic tools. If your check engine light has come on, you need to bring in your vehicle for a diagnostic test. There are a number of possible reasons why your check engine light could turn on. You might be overdue for an oil change. Your vehicle’s sensor might need recalibrating. A variety of engine parts could be malfunctioning, there could be electrical problems, and there could even be onboard computer problems.

How Often Does My Engine Need to Be Serviced?

If the check engine light has come on, you need to get your vehicle inspected immediately. Aside from that, an engine check should be part of the annual maintenance. This will keep your vehicle running reliably and also provide you and your passengers maximum safety.