Brake and ABS Repair

Nothing is more important to the safety of your car than the brakes. Losing your brakes while driving is not something that you want to experience. Inspect your brakes twice every year, so that you can detect damage and wear before they become a problem. It will also save you money by finding brake problems before they become too costly.

Brakes are made of metal ceramics, or organic materials. While strong, all of these materials wear away a little every time they are used, because they create friction to slow the car. This is why brakes need to be inspected more often than many other parts of your car or truck. If you are in the Upper Arlington, Marble Cliff, Campus, Short North, or Grandview Heights areas, bring your vehicle in to A.B.S. Auto Service. We will make sure that your brake components are in good condition and your car is safe to drive.