Battery Testing and Installation

The most common reason for vehicle breakdowns is battery failure. The battery gives a vehicle its starting power, and also gives it the power to run the radio, lights, and other electrical components. At A.B.S. Auto Service, our expert mechanics will provide battery testing services that will maximize your battery’s life and performance. This battery service includes:

  • Computerized battery check
  • Replacement the battery, if needed
  • Proper disposal of the old battery
  • Removal of the rust and corrosion on the battery terminals

Why do I need to have my battery tested and serviced?

The temperature under the hood, extreme climates and vibrations caused by driving can all affect your battery’s condition. Once the battery fails, every other component of the vehicle stops working.

How often should I get my battery checked?

On average, a vehicle battery will last about four years. However, if you notice any of the following warning signs, you need to get your battery checked immediately:

  • You need a jump every time you start your vehicle
  • The engine won’t turn over
  • The engine turns over very slowly
  • The warning lights don’t turn off
  • Electrical components like the lights and radio no longer work


At A.B.S. Auto Service, we use high quality Interstate batteries. These batteries have an excellent 60 month warranty. We have batteries to fit every need, with an 18-month replacement period. For warranty service, all you need to do is return the battery to the location where you made the purchase, or call the number on the battery for the nearest service location.